New Construction Services
Turnkey Construction & Development(TCD) will analyze your project for feasibility and constructability. We believe the earlier in the process we are involved the smoother the project will be. TCD assists in site evaluation and selection. Many owners select a site because the initial cost is less, only to find out later the construction cost is much greater due to lack of infrastructure, topographical or unforeseen issues. Our expertise in value engineering along with our experience in systems implementation adds value as well as cost savings to your project. TCD will work with your architects and engineers during the design process to insure the greatest efficiency is achieved and that budget integrity remains throughout the entire design process. The result is the highest quality project at the very best value.

Design Build Services
This delivery method is becoming more and more the preferred choice of owners because of the many advantages over conventional delivery. Design Build offers the client a single source of responsibility as the contractor is responsible for the outcome of the entire project. He coordinates the architect and consultants while maintaining responsibility for their results. This method of delivery also creates an atmosphere of team work for the project, so the potential for problems are resolved before they become stumbling blocks. Design Build can also be completed in a shorter total time frame. Unlike conventional methods, segments of the project such as site work are designed first so construction may begin. This is referred to as “Fast Tracking” a project.

Construction Management Services - Representing an Owner
TCD can act in a consultant capacity, representing the owner’s interests in program management. We will oversee construction projects being built by owner selected contractors. We understand all facets of construction techniques, construction accounting, as well as, means and methods. We will review specifications, drawings, contracts, submittals, pay request, and project progress whether for the owner or a financial institution.

Construction Management Services – Construction of a Project
TCD can deliver projects via Construction Manager at Risk or Not at Risk. We can conduct pre-construction services and manage the daily activities of the construction process from start to finish. Acting in this capacity, TDC will schedule the sequence of the various trades with the critical path in mind. We can manage the owners’ trades or furnish our select tradesman that we have many years experience with.

Integrated Delivery Services
TCD has used this method of project delivery for years. 98% of our projects are delivered with this method. TCD will go through an interview process demonstrating over six decades of experience, knowledge and track record, while presenting our Fee and General Conditions. We are selected shortly after the owner’s architect and consultants have begun the design process. We will work as a team member with the architect and consultants to make recommendations as to, cost-effective designs, materials, and addressing constructability issues. Pricing continues for the project at various design stages to insure the project will be within budget when the drawings are completed. JPB uses the open book approach to accounting and establishes a GMP (guaranteed maximum price) early in the design process. We share with the owner, all cost associated with the project to insure total transparency. Throughout the years, TCD has consistently given the client back considerable savings at the end of the project. This is accomplished through, knowledge of industry trends, value engineering techniques, competitive subcontractor bidding, and completing the project ahead of schedule. TCD feels this is the best method to build a high quality project that is efficient and cost effective.